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"Busy as we are in the summer, I'm glad I made this happen."
Posted By: C.Jay Baldwin
Captain, NW
Serious, highly concentrated flight training. If these guys can train a Marine helicopter pilot to fly floats, they can train just about anyone.
Posted By: John S.
Flew 15 hours on floats for the adventure
Posted By: Mike D.
It's been over two weeks since I left and I can't stop thinking about coming back to fly more!
Posted By: Tom J.
CFII owns a Super Cub, California
To the air we did take, for a week that did exhilarate. The days were filled with flying & whining, and the nights to Seward for wine and dining. So thank you all from our hearts, you've earned your ratings too --- 5 stars.
Posted By: Doug N. & Randy D.
I've driven by here hundreds of times and didn't realize how magnificent this place was from the air.
Posted By: Ed B.
I fly my C-182 even better now on and off my dirt strip.
Posted By: Willy L.
South Africa
Prepping for my check ride!
Posted By: Greg H.
I was the first student of the 2011 season... I still remember the good ind impressive learning and flights I could experience with you!

Anyway, the season is over in Alaska I suppose, I hope it was a good one. In April, I took a picture for you when we flew with our Super Cubs to the Swiss Alps and slept in a heated hut at 9700 ft... See for yourself.
Posted By: MAURICE
Season's greetings from Switzerland
Hi Vern.

As the float season comes to a close I just wanted to thank you again for the great experience and training as I opened up the season with you on the first week. I am constantly showing and looking at all the photos with family and friends. Having already obtained my float rating before I arrived, I was so satisfied in you providing me with all my requested advanced float and mountain flight training and flight seeing experiences.

The week could not have been better. You and your crew put things I thought I already knew into a much better perspective. Hats off to Darlene, Phil, Evan, Zack and Deanna. I have continued, and will continue, to fly floats in Maine when I get a chance, and elsewhere. My plans for next summer are not made yet, but you never know.

Thanks again.
Andy Figura
Hello Vern,
Just wanted to say hello and tell you that I was hooked on Floats as soon as you signed my logbook in July of '08 with a ASES. Now I have my commercial sea rating and have been flying this Maule 235 amphib all summer on Lake Powell in AZ. I dont think there is more fun to be had flying than in a floatplane and BIG thanks to you and Darlene for training me to do something I love and now will continue to do forever. I would love to come visit again and fly with you to be critiqued by the best...there is always more to learn and improve on.
Thanks for the introductiion to "floats", it has really boosted the Fun in my life!!
Brian Price
Page, AZ
Posted By: Brian Price
Commercial ASES, KPGA
This is the "stick and rudder" course you've never had, but need.
Posted By: Chris P
Vern is great. The CFIs are great. The Super Cubs are great. But these lakes are something else. Wow! What an experience. I could have only had that here.
Posted By: Jim
As a 25 year Air Force fighter pilot, air show pilot and general aviation pilot I cannot agree more with your approach and lessons from this first news letter.
Posted By: Major Jon C.
I fly a Cirrus and had it in the NC mountains this weekend. Thanks to you guys I was hugging the mountain on the side with the up draft with plenty of room to turn.
Posted By: Ben T.
North Carolina
Thank's again for the great experience!!!!!!

Posted By: John M. J.
I had just three days here, but they are as big and memorable as many a three-year period of my life. Skills I learned with Alaska Float Ratings have taken me on to acrobatic flying and to appreciate that regular ongoing training is the best insurance to safe flying. Those who have been in a flight emergency are the same who say training is the reason why we walked away from it. Alaska Float Ratings makes training fun, challenging and exciting.
Posted By: Steve W.
I vividly remember a moment when you and I were standing at the edge of your floating dock before I went up. As I was (and still consider myself) newly certified SES pilot, you said something to the effect of, the VERY first thing you want to do, before preflight, is to know the wind. Direction, speed and the way it will move in relation to your environment. I'm happy to say that I ask myself that regardless of what I am flying and where.
Posted By: Bob R.
New York
Just want to thank you again for the great time I had at your place this past week & to thank you for letting me do it "my way". It couldn't have been more perfect for me, doing three hours or so of the basics with your instructors (all great guys by the way) & then that incredible 3hr+ flight in the mountains with Vern which put it all in perspective for me.
Posted By: Cass S.
My favorite place was a little lake in a glacial cirque without a name on the map. They call it Will's lake after Will who was the first to land there. He showed it to me and Shana and politely asked if I wanted him to talk me through the landing or have him demonstrate the landing to me. Will explained that because of the head wall of the cirque, we could only land with calm conditions or a slight tailwind up canyon to be able to take off into the wind down canyon. It is one of those one-way in, one-way (the way you came) out places. After we did the first pass to check the winds and I got a close look, I told Will I would prefer to have him demonstrate the landing and then I would do the takeoff. ;-)

Attached is a picture out the front as we turned onto short final. You can see why a go-around is not a good idea. Also, notice the altimeter and look at the landscape!
Posted By: Butch W.
" What a beautiful setting for flying floats while getting current and earning Sea Wings!"
Posted By: Marie B., 1999
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