Top Eleven Reasons

Top Eleven Reasons


You will experience the very Best - The best Training in a Fantastic "Wild Alaskan" location using our PA-18 Supercubs.

Why You Should Choose 

Alaska Float Ratings

11th reason - J.J. Frey (to the left in one of our cubs), one of the most knowledgeable people in the world about seaplane flying, a sought-after speaker, author of the best selling book "How to Fly Floats"  and former President of EDO Corporation says,  "If you want more than just a rating, then go see Vern. I highly recommend Alaska Float Ratings."

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Flying Floats


Flying Floats is one of the most exciting forms of flying and the closest to "Barn Storming"  that a pilot can get in today's world of flying. Flying floats combines the exhilaration and pleasures of sailing, boating and flying. Earning your Single Engine Sea Rating here at our Trail Lake location is an adventure in Alaska flying that will excite you for a lifetime whenever you think about it! You'll find out if you have what it takes to fly the bush.

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Real Alaska Flying

What do I mean by "Real Alaska Bush Flying"?

That our location in this rugged mountainous environment provides you the ultimate conditions to experience Alaska Bush Flying, mountain flying, and earn an SES rating too. You will not have ATC, ATIS, Unicom, or even a windsock. You are on your own. You will not have runways, either paved or dirt. You wlll determine the wind direction and velocity.

You will have actual tiny, remote, mountain lakes midst steep, tight, narrow canyons, where you will learn to read the water and choose where you must land. You will experience the "Real Deal."  What I call "Real Alaska Bush Flying," or some call it flying in the Wild Alaska.


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