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Our courses begin at $1,695 for our Basic Float and Mountain Flying Course. There are a couple of additional costs such as the DPE checkride fee and lodging if needed.

Please visit Course page for more details.

Our courses range from 3 days to 6 days, depending on your preferred level of training. Our Optimal Float Backcountry Course for float plane flying consists of up to 8 hours of flight time and takes 3-4 days, while our Adventure Bush Flying Course provides up to 15 hours of float plane flying and takes 5-6 days. 

We have a few options if you do not wish to get your float plane rating and would rather just fly a few hours for the amazing experience.

  1. Float Plane and/or Mountain Flying Refresher Course ($1,695) – This provides up to 4 hours of float plane flight time as a refresher for those who already have a float plane rating or as an adventure course for those who want to get out and see the Alaska backcountry in a float plane.
  2. 30 minute flight for ($149) – Simple, yet rewarding.
    This 30 minute float plane flight lets you experience the exhilaration of flying in a genuine Alaska bush plane as it gracefully lifts off from the glacier water filled Trail Lake. Endless glacier carved mountains and valleys accented by the many alpine glaciers tucked in the cirques of the steep Chugach Mountains, with potential to see mountain goats, bears or other wildlife.
  3. 60 minute flight ($249) – Our most popular flight-seeing tour.
    Experience the exhilaration of flying in an Alaska bush plane and truly immerse yourself in the magnificent views from the sky. This tour provides opportunities to see endless lakes, streams and mountain beauty as well as ice fields with over 700 square miles of glaciers. Potential wildlife sightings add to the breath-taking beauty from every window seat.
    An experience you will never forget.

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