Our Super Cubs are waiting for you…

Alaska Float Ratings uses the classic of Alaska airplanes – the PA-18 Super Cub.
“YOU are in the Front seat”. 
Piper PA-18 Super Cubs on Wheels
Piper PA-18 Super Cubs on Wheels
Alaska Float Ratings Super Cub on Floats

Our Super Cubs have been refinished with new Poly paint, tapes, and glass where need. We’re committed to providing you well-maintained equipment while you’re earning your seaplane rating, getting a float refresher, concentrating on mountain flying instruction, renewing your Flight Review, or going on one of our Alaska Floatplane Safaris.

Here’s the grandfather of the fleet. In this photo, the airplane is sitting in front of the paint shop. Vern’s been flying VK since 1975.

First off of Lake Hood for eighteen years, then off of Upper Trail Lake for the last eighteen years. Many pilots, almost too numerous to count, over the last thirty-six years have earned their seaplane rating in this aircraft. One fellow scheduled his float rating with us because his uncle had said, “You can’t fly my super cub on floats until you get your rating from Vern. Just like I did many years ago.”

Both of them earned their ratings in VK – about twenty years apart.

Super Cub PA-18 N762LA

This is the former N7862P, now LA. She’s also sitting in front of the paint shop this past fall in this photo. Brad takes a lot of pride in his work, which, of course, is why Vern has him paint our planes. If you don’t know already, every Super Cub is basically a custom-built aircraft.

This one has extended wings. Some students like flying her. Notice that we have vortex generators on both Super Cubs. We have them on all our aircraft. No reason not to – it’s a safety issue. Much safer with them than without them.