2009 Testimonial 

A couple of weeks ago I got my seaplane rating (SES) at Alaska Float Ratings in Moose Pass, Alaska. It was the best flying experience I’ve ever had!

Flying floats was amazing but even more impressive was the quality of the instruction. Vern Kingsford (the Designated Examiner) and his instructors completely changed the way I think about flying. Their lessons were thorough, challenging and very, very educational. I learned more about energy management, mountain flying, reading the wind and “flying the plane” in one week than I have in my entire four years of flying as a private pilot.

During the course, we met several other pilots, all with thousands of hours of flying experience (including ATP and military pilots). They all agreed – every pilot should take this course. To quote one pilot after his first float lesson “I get in my plane, dial in the numbers and manage the cockpit. That ain’t flying; THIS is flying”.

So if you love being taken out of your comfort zone because it will make you better; if you want to be a safer pilot and if you want to have the best fun flying give Vern a call. You won’t be disappointed.